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Konstantin Ukhtomsky - Gifted Gallery

Konstantin Andreyevich Ukhtomsky (Russian: Константин Андреевич Ухтомский) born 1818, was a Russian painter and architect, known for his interior portraits.

His father was the master copper engraver, Andrei Ukhtomsky. Konstantin graduated from the Imperial Academy of Fine Arts in 1838, with the title of "Artist XIV Class" (architecture). That year and the following year, he was awarded silver medals for his watercolours. After that, he travelled abroad and produced numerous sketches that were made into watercolours upon his return.

In 1843, he was named an "Academician" for his "Project for a Wealthy Nobleman's House". In 1858, he became a "Free-Artist". From 1850 to 1859, he was the curator of the Academy's museum; succeeding his father who had previously held the post. He was also involved in the construction of the New Michael Palace.

Very little is known about Konstantin Ukhtomsky but his interior portraits have secured his legacy in Russia. Fifty of his watercolours may be seen at the Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg.



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