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Welcome to Lilium's Compendium

Welcome to Lilium's Compendium, a collection of muses, inspiration and predominately 20th century history. There will be a bountiful batch of books, fervent films, meaningful music and a lot of rhyming and alliterations.

The Compendium houses a collection of amazing people, performances and places to discover, educated elegance and artistic aspirations. There will be a series on societies like The Bright Young People and often overlooked art movements like The Harlem Renaissance.

I wanted to make a resource of interesting information, reading recommendations and passionate people, to make a place of grounded intelligence and depth in a time where both of those qualities are running a bit short.

In the future there will be guest writers and articles on people possibly from this century but for now it's just me and all that encourages me to create art, music and literature. I hope you will find something, or someone, interesting in the compendium that encourages you to do the same.

Long live the Aesthete


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