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Andras Kaldor - Gifted Gallery

Andras Kaldor was an architect, writer, artist and gallery owner in Dartmouth, Devon. A refugee from Hungary in the 1950s, eventually settling in Dartmouth, where he became one of famous 'Dartmouth Five' artists.


Magyar Állami Operaház by Andras Kaldor

I was in a recycling centre in the Welsh Valleys in an old school house and I came across a print of the Magyar Állami Operaház, the state opera house in Budapest. The young girl behind the counter had valued it at £1 and repeatedly queried my interest with great confusion as she passed it down from the wall behind the counter. She couldn’t quite comprehend that I wasn’t referring to the print next to it of a highly edited photograph of a beach, the more common choice of today's modern taste.

I have always wanted to collect architecture prints but every time I have seen one they were always over £200, so I was practically rocking back and forth in the anticipation of getting one for £1, and dreading that the girl might question its value following my interest. Luckily for me she just hurriedly passed it to me, avoiding eye contact as much as possible through the transaction and I skipped off to the car with my treasure. When I returned home I researched the artist and was introduced to the wonderful talent of Andras Kaldor. I will leave a link to an article about his life here and a gallery of his beautiful work below.



Reading Recommendations & Content Considerations

Andras Kaldor published three books in his lifetime, on the opera houses of Europe and the architecture of New York and Berlin.


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