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Elliott Smith - Record Repertoire

Elliott Smith, born August 6, 1969 was an American singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist.

I first discovered him from a series called Blank on Blank. An animation studio from Brooklyn had taken lost interviews from musicians, writers, film-makers and so on and turned them into animated shorts. Among Kurt Cobain, Clint Eastwood and Janis Joplin was a soft spoken musician who broke half way through the interview to thank the waitress for a jug of water at the cafe they were sitting at on April 30th 1998.

Now I know Elliott Smith isn't for everyone and many find him "depressing" but if I was to choose my favourite song, or at least my top 3 favourites, Between The Bars will always make it onto my Desert Island Discs. It's been 6 years since I first heard it and it still makes me feel the exact same way all these years later.

I will end with a TV pilot for The Jon Brion Show featuring Elliott Smith. The show never took off but seeing these two friends together making this pilot special, it's a little sad that Jon Brion never got to make more.

It will always make me sad that Elliott died at age 34, the circumstances around his death are still unclear, but I'm all the more glad when someone finds a lost VHS tape like this one under the floorboards.


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