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Ferdinand Knab - Gifted Gallery

Ferdinand Knab, born June 12, 1837 in Würzburg, was a German painter.

Knab was initially a student of Heideloff, the German architect and master builder of Nuremberg, where he worked in construction for two years, before going on to Munich in 1859 to devote himself to architectural painting. He attended the schools of Arthur von Ramberg and Piloty, finishing his education by traveling to Italy in 1868. His time in Italy had a great affect on his art, leading him to continue painting Italian scenes long after his return.

"His pictures are characterised by a poetic conception; He mostly subordinates architectural motifs to scenic ones. He loved colourful evening moods that pour their magic over ruins and hazy groups of trees."

He received commissions for the winter garden of King Ludwig II at his Munich Residence and for Linderhof Palace. Knab was also commissioned to create eight pictures for the royal pavilion at Munich train station. In 1870 he was commissioned for the set design for Mozart's “Magic Flute” at the court opera.

Ferdinand Knab died November 3, 1902 in Munich. There is very little information on Knab in English (Google translated German is not to be trusted) but his paintings are so beautiful they have no problem speaking or themselves.




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