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Hedy Lamarr - Muses & The Beau Monde

Hedy Lamarr, born Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler November 9, 1914  was an Austrian-American actress, inventor and film producer.

I could not resist writing about someone so interesting and while she is known most for her career as an actress it is her character and genius that lures me in. But as Hedy's life was overwhelmingly complicated I shall share quintessential quotes, picturesque portraits and heavenly highlights.

"The brains of people are more interesting than the looks, I think."

- Hedy Lamarr

In 2017 director Alexandra Dean made a film about Hedy Lamarr and, like myself, was interested in her mind and how she invented life saving technology but never received any credit. The short video below is an interview of Dean by PBS where she tells how they found lost tapes of Hedy Lamarr, and indeed one of the only interviews where she talked about her inventions.

I find when it comes to women, especially wildly intelligent ones, that documentaries tend to focus on literally anything else but their skills and accomplishments. In one documentary I watched about Hedy from 2011, they spent more time showing clips of Hitler talking than of Hedy talking. So I am grateful that Fleming Meeks in his 1990 Forbes Magazine interview asked her real questions about inventing, chemistry and blueprints instead of some of the others I saw which just repeated (cue stupid voice) "Your SO pretty! I usually only prefer blondes but I can fit in a brunette". If I could have gone back in time and slapped that fool out of his chair I would have.

“I think Hedy had her greatest power as a teenager—I don’t think you can beat the power of walking into a room and having people loose their breath at the sight of you, but she didn’t know what to do with that power. And, when at last she managed to do something incredible to try to change the world, she got little or no recognition for it.”

- Alexandra Dean

Below is the short trailer for the 2017 film Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story.


Below Hedy Lamarr will read you something pretty.


"All creative people want to do the unexpected."

- Hedy Lamarr


Below is the 1947 film Noir Dishonored Lady staring Hedy Lamarr, Dennis O'Keefe and John Loder, based on the 1930 play of the same name.


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