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Al Bowlly - Record Repertoire

A 1930's jazz crooner, Al Bowlly had an almost unsurpassable repertoire recording more than 1,000 records between 1927-1941. He was a Mozambican-born South African/British singer, songwriter, composer and band leader.


"The very thought of you, and I forget to do, the little ordinary things that everyone ought to do...."


"Midnight, the stars and you" was the first song I heard, strangely enough in a wonderland mafia game (yes i know! surprising!) then later the playful "Guilty" and finally my most loved "The very thought of you", a perfect song to waltz to late in the evening.

His music has been used in many films including my favourite French film with my favourite female lead, "Amelie". The romantic accordion soundtrack written by the multi instrumentalist Yann Tiersann added "Guilty" to the soundtrack, setting the scene in The Three Windmills cafe. Mr Bowlly also recorded the only English version of my favourite tango "Dark Eyes" accompanied with words of Albert Mellor.

Sadly Al Bowlly died in 1941 as yet another causality of war but thanks to his 1000's of recordings, performing with different orchestras across the world, his voice can always be heard echoing softly in city arcades and will often be chosen for film soundtracks by directors and composers who, I must say, have excellent taste.


"Now Pathetone has pleasure in presenting a singer known to millions of radio listeners AL BOWLLY from Lew Stones famous Monseigneur Band."


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