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John E. Sheridan - Gifted Gallery

John E. Sheridan, born 14 June 1877, was an American illustrator well known in his lifetime for his cover art for The Saturday Evening Post, his illustrations for Collier's Weekly and Ladies' Home Journal, and his commercial advertisements.

He was born John Emmet Sheridan in Tomah, Wisconsin. Sheridan attended Georgetown University graduating in 1901.

Georgetown University

During World War I, he created many patriotic posters in support of the United States' war effort as part of the committee of artists that also included Charles Dana Gibson (creator of the Gibson Girl) and James Montgomery Flagg (creator of the iconic Uncle Sam recruiting poster).

Dutch Treat Club

He was a member of the Dutch Treat Club, a society of illustrators, writers and performers based in New York, and a frequent contributor to the program of their annual banquet and show, and was an instructor at New York's School of Visual Arts at the time of its founding.

Sheridan was art editor for the Washington Times (predecessor of the now-defunct Washington Times-Herald) and worked for the San Francisco Chronicle in the development of its first colour Sunday supplement. Between 1931 and 1939 he produced 13 cover illustrations for The Saturday Evening Post.

Sheridan is credited with the idea of using posters to advertise college sports.

He also received many commissions from the iconic Chicago menswear company Hart Schaffner Marx.

John E. Sheridan died on July 3, 1948, at Roosevelt Hospital in Manhattan, New York City. Sheridan is best remembered for his poster illustrations, menswear illustrations and magazine covers.




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