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Mariano Fortuny - Muses & the Beau Monde

Mariano Fortuny y Madrazo, born 11 May 1871, was a Spanish fashion designer based in Venice, who opened his couture house in 1906. He is best known for his fabrics and his iconic Delphos dress, the skill of making said dress is still a mystery to this day.

Now I learnt about Fortuny from Chatelaine Stephanie Jarvis who, much like myself, is entirely self educated on art and design. Every Sunday she films 'Sunday's at the Chateau' where she tells the history of the artists and designers that inspire her and the inspirations for her collections. When she's not teaching you the history of Spode, Stephanie films tours of other Chateaus and museums. In the video linked below, filmed August 2020, at about 5:15 minutes in, she tells a detailed history of Fortuny and shares the books she learnt from. I know it's a little unusual to hand over the storytelling to someone else but she did her research so thoroughly and having a personal connection to his work, it seemed only fitting.



Reading Recommendations & Content Considerations

by On William Morris & Mariano Fortuny

Brian D. Coleman A. S. Byatt


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