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My Brother Aquarius, Poems by Stephen Tennant - Livres du Mois

In celebration of Stephen's birthday I have scanned My Brother Aquarius, Poems by Stephen Tennant. The book can be read here in its own post and in the Rare Book section of the Compendium's Library.

"Containing 52 poems, the verse looks back in time to past travels, lost romance and pastoral idylls, and has a strong autobiographical element. It was published by a local printer in Bournemouth in 1961 and Stephen sent the book to friends and fellow writers, including W. H. Auden and Edmund Blunden. The title is derived from a line by Keats - 'Crystalline brother of the belt of Heaven: Aquarius!' (Endymion)."


Aquarius, The Water Carrier

Noble Aquarius, the Man with the Jar;

The Man limned with Stars.

A fine, good looking chap,

With the Ganges at his shoulder

And the Niles upon his lap.

The seven seas are his halo

And the clouds his resting place:

Did you ever see a starry man

With so beautiful a face?




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