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The Bright Young People Series - Muses & The Beau Monde

The Bright Young Things, with their classic beauty and often outrageous antics have and continue to be my main source of inspiration. The hair and clothes, the parties, the art they created and the legacies they have left behind.

I have chosen characters from this society who stood out most to me (minus the Nazi sympathisers) and the people that have become my muses for almost every corner of my life.

Here is a sneak peak of what's to come and who in particular to look out for.

"The Brightest of the bright young people"

Stephen Tennant

"The dazzling career cut too short"

Rex Whistler

"All I want is the best of everything and there's very little of that left."

Cecil Beaton

"Punctuality is the virtue of the bored."

Evelyn Waugh

"The Jungman sisters are a pair of decadent 18th-century angels made of wax"

Zita and Teresa Jungman


Reading Recommendations and Content Considerations

Bright Young People: Vile Bodies

The Lost Generation of London's Jazz Age Folio Society edition

By By

D.J Taylor Evelyn Waugh