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Walter Beach Humphrey - Gifted Gallery

Walter Beach Humphrey, born 1892/1893, was an American artist and educator.

Walter Beach Humphrey was born in Elkhorn, Wisconsin in 1892 or 1893. He graduated Dartmouth College in 1914. In addition to teaching at the University of Chicago, Bradley University, and the New York University School of Commerce, Humphrey also taught commercial art at New Rochelle High School from 1941 to 1963.

Outside of teaching, he painted murals for Dartmouth College; served on the New Rochelle, New York art commission; painted portraits; illustrated books; and created covers for The Saturday Evening Post.

He also received commissions from Collier's magazine, Interwoven Socks, The Country Gentleman, Liberty Magazine and various other advertising.

Walter Beach Humphrey died on 11 October 1966 in Glens Falls, New York. He was married to Constance Morton and had two children, five grandchildren, and a great-grandchild.




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