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Blandings by P. G. Wodehouse - Picture Palace

Blandings is a British comedy television series adapted by Guy Andrews from the Blandings Castle stories by P. G. Wodehouse. It was first broadcast on BBC One from 13 January 2013, and stars Timothy Spall, Jennifer Saunders, Jack Farthing, Tim Vine and Mark Williams.

Set in 1929, Lord Emsworth (Spall) resides at Blandings Castle, along with his imperious sister Connie (Saunders), his empty-headed son Freddie (Jack Farthing), and any number of houseguests, love-struck nieces and their boyfriends. He would rather be left in peace with his prize pig The Empress, but his family is always at hand to complicate his life. Offering a reluctant helping hand is his loyal and long-suffering butler, Beach (Mark Williams/Tim Vine).

I stumbled upon this series last year and it is a hidden gem, all of the classic P. G. Wodehouse wit and comedy filmed in a beautiful castle. I will leave the first episode below, the other two series are also available to watch for free on Youtube.



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