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Roald Dahl & Wes Anderson - Picture Palace

Roald Dahl wrote many children's books that are still treasured dearly by the adults who were raised on his humour. And while many of his wonderful books have been turned into films there is only one that captured the true essence and humour of Dahl's writing and replicated the same magic of Quentin Blakes illustrations.

So I wanted to briefly share that one film - Fantastic Mr. Fox, filmed by Wes Anderson, captures all of the atmospheres and characters perfectly and when I came across the videos below I could see how.


Some of the information overlaps from the first video but there is a joint interview between Wes Anderson and Felicity Dahl.


The third and final video shows the details of making the film from the craftsmanship of the character costumes to the original and unusual way they recoded the voice actors.


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