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The Grand Budapest Hotel - Picture Palace

The Grand Budapest Hotel is a 2014 film by the ingenious Wes Anderson and is without a doubt one of my favourite films.

Most occasions when I enthusiastically urge a new acquaintance to watch this movie they watch it and the entire thing goes straight over their heads. They don't see the mastery of the set design, appreciate the humour and the talent of the actors or the skill of the set up and plot. But I love it all the same, this enchanting old film.

I know the ending makes many people sad and it is really rather devastating but it is still one of my favourite films because we live in a time where friendships are so fickle and people's morals are as flimsy and precarious as a badly built gingerbread house. It hits so deep to see loyalty in the true friendship of Zero and Mr Gustave and the unquestionable true love of Zero and Agatha.

Wes Anderson truly makes making film an art.


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