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The Princess Bride - Picture Palace

“We’ll never survive!” “Nonsense. You’re only saying that because no one ever has.”

Hi and welcome to the first Picture Palace. These articles aren't reviews or essays on the films, they're movies that might have flown under the radar or pictures that are beloved by me and I thought were worth adding to the Compendium.

There were three things I watched when I was ill. I had an impressively old TV/VCR in my bedroom and three VHS tapes. Black-Adder II, Red Dwarf I and The Princess Bride. Now it was common law (in my household as least) that when one was sick they watched The Princess Bride. But the problem with that was that I was always (and still at the time I am writing this) ill. And when you watch that much wit, love and bizarre friendships it starts to have an effect.

I am sure many people who watched The Princess Bride as children found it shaped their humour and even as adults find that when something unbelievable happens they yell 'inconceivable!'.

Below is a clip of a favourite scene.


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